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Automated Trading Overview


A sneak peek at what we are working on at the moment at Alertatron

Below is a basic roadmap to give our customers an idea of what we are working on at the moment. We don't give time estimates, but these are all active projects...

In Planning

  • An alternative front end for users that are trading focused to make Alertatron easier to use and quicker to get started with

In Development

  • Bybit USDT Linear contract support. This is turning out to be quite tricky to get right, as it behaves quite differently from other trading markets.
  • Binance Spot and Quarterlies
  • AlertScript scripting language to support the creation of your own custom algorithmic trading commands. Goals of this project include:-
    • A Javascript style language for users to build their own custom commands.
    • A simple way to share or sell your new commands with other users.
    • The ability to support cross exchange execution (eg, buy on Bybit perps, sell on FTX spot at the same time).
  • dynamicStop() order type (same as dynamicTakeProfit(), only for a stop loss order)


A hedging feature that will make it possible to auto trade hedged positions on a different exchange/market.

Recently Shipped

  • DONE: Better Status page
  • DONE: Adding Binance to Trading Groups
  • DONE: Update the front end to make everything a bit more consistent and add a bit of polish.
  • DONE: Dark mode.

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