Automated Trading Overview

Trading FAQ

By adding commands to your alerts, you can now automatically trigger complex trades to execute as soon as the alert is triggered. Automatically execute a range of order types, from simple market and limit orders, to more complex algorithmic orders, like scaled orders, twap orders and more.

Orders can be executed on BitMEX, Deribit, Coinbase Pro and Bitfinex and all order types are supported on all exchanges, even for on exchanges that do not natively support them.


What system is used to process orders

The trading system is built on Instabot Trader, an open source solution that offers a wide range of order types and support for several exchanges.

If Instabot Trader is open source, why can't I run it myself

You can. Follow the setup guide and start your own instance of Instabot Trader. Alertatron's webhooks are compatible with Instabot Trader, so you can enter the URL for your setup into the webhook integration and alerts will be forwarded just fine.

Setting up, running and maintaining your own server 24/7 isn't for everyone though. We take all the hassle away, automatically provisioning your own dedicated instance of Instabot Trader and keep it running for you 24/7.

We've also added support for BitMEX trading too.

Alertatron is built by the same developer that built Instabot Trader.

Which exchanges are supported?
What order types are supported
  • Market order
  • Limit order
  • Stop-Market order
  • Scaled order
  • TWAP order (Time-weighted average price)
  • Iceberg order (Accumulation / Distribution order)
  • Ping Pong order
  • Market Maker order (a pair of infinite ping pong orders, covering both sides of the order book)
How are my API keys protected

Alertatron takes protecting your API keys very seriously.

  • Firstly, you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your account before you can add API keys to your account. If you disable 2FA, all your API keys will be removed.
  • Once entered, your API keys are stored encrypted and never shown again.
  • Each user is given their own isolated instance of Instabot Trader, so your API keys are never mixed with other users keys.
  • You can remove your API keys at any time.
  • We strongly recommend using the lowest level of permissions when you create your API keys (we need to be able to place orders for you using the keys and read your balance to calculate order sizes).

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Your TradingView alerts, with charts, PM'd to you.

Get all your alerts from TradingView, sent to Telegram, Discord, Slack, Email or webhooks, with a chart snapshot attached.

Capture Charts

See a high quality chart with every alert, captured at the moment the alert was triggered. See exactly what the market was doing and make informed decisions.

Automate Trading

Trigger orders on popular cryptocurrency exchanges and trade 24/7. Access powerful algorithmic orders to maximise your profits.


Connect your alerts to Telegram (channels, groups and private chats), Discord, Slack, email or send push notifications to other services with webhooks.

Easy To Setup

Nothing to install and no browser extensions. Captures alerts 24/7, even with your computer switched off. Be up and running in seconds.