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A Few Improvements at Alertatron

27 August 2020

As usual, we've been busy adding new features to Alertatron. In this post we'll look at a few highlights from the last few weeks.

Dark Mode

It has often been requested, and it's finally here. You can now view Alertatron in dark mode - night owls no longer need to burn their eyes to use Alertatron!

You can toggle between the two modes using the little icon next your name in the top navigation bar (on mobile, open the navigation and tap on the sun / moon icon).

Alertatron's new dark mode, next to regular mode
Alertatron's new dark mode, next to regular mode

Design refresh

While we were adding dark mode, we gave the whole site a fresh lick of paint. It has mostly involved tidying up things a little and ensuring we stay consistent across the site.

Some areas have had more attention though. Adding integrations and managing your installed integrations has become a lot more pleasant, and it's now much easier to understand which integrations link to which of your groups.

The new page for adding integrations to your groups.
The new page for adding integrations to your groups.

We have also improved the list of alerts. By switching to 2 columns on desktop devices, you can see far more alerts at once and the space is better used. We've also laid the groundwork here for a future update for users with a more trading focus - that will be released at a later date.

Trading Documentation

There is now a new 'Trading Docs' overview that should help people that are getting started. You can check it out here.

Trading Bot Updates

As usual, there have been a lot of updates and improvements to the trading bots (27 releases in last month).

A few of the highlights include...

  • New trailing methods added to the trailing stop loss and trailing take profit orders. It it now possible to configure the trailing take profit to stop trailing as soon as the trigger price is reached, make it possible to set up orders that create a stop at breakeven when your first Take Profit order is hit. The new 'Stepped' trailing method has also been added, allowing trailing stops and take profit order to move in discrete steps, and for a limited number of times, opening up all kinds of new possibilities. See this blog post for more details, or check the docs for the trailing stop order or trailing take profit order.
  • Added the new LTCUSD contract specifications to the BitMEX integration.
  • Lots of small improvements, optimisations and updates, especially with FTX and Binance integrations

What else has been updated?

There have been several other updates too, including:-

  • Customer IDs - On your profile page we have added a unique customer id that has been created so you can easily identify your account to our support team without having to give them your name or email. If you care about privacy, this is great. If you don't, then this is no different than before 😂
  • Search - From the top navigation you can now search all our help guides and trading bot documentation to quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Tether Payment Option - You can now pay using Tether (ERC20 token) for any Alertatron services, on top of the existing support for Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum & Litecoin.
  • Binance Perpetuals in Trading Groups - If you run a trading group, you can also trade on Binance's Perps with your group.
  • Trading Terminal Updates - A few minor improvements on the trading terminal that will ensure it won't time out if you leave the page open there.
  • Some security and stability improvements

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