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Alertatron updates from June...

09 July 2020

Time for some quick updates on recent improvements to Alertatron...

Binance Futures

Binance Futures added
Binance Futures added

The first stage of our Binance support has been released just recently. This gives Alertatron users access to Binance Futures Perpetuals now, with their other markets due to come online in the coming weeks. We will also be rolling out support for Binance to Trading Groups as soon as possible.

This means that Alertatron now supports automated trading on Binance, FTX, FTX.US, Deribit, Bybit and BitMEX. Support for Bitfinex and Coinbase Pro is also available by request (they do not offer complete support for all of Alertatron's features, so are not included by default).

Other automated trading improvements

  • Support for percentage order sizing on BitMEX's new BCHUSD market has been released.
  • Updates to the PnL calculations for Bybit, based on customer feedback. It is now based on only the unrealised PnL for your open position.
  • Deribit and Bybit now report a wider range of exchange errors to the event log, giving you more visibility on issues we were unable to auto-correct and making it possible to be notified about errors via our notification service.
  • Big update to the Deribit integration to bring all the auto-correction and network stability improvements from other exchanges to Deribit. Combined with the performance improvements we've made this month, and Deribit's ultra fast API, this integration is our fastest by a long way. If you don't trade there yet, it is well worth checking out.
  • Massive upgrades to the infrastructure that manages all our active trading bots. These upgrades will enable Alertatron to scale much more quickly and easily to meet whatever demands you might have on us. We've also increased the speed at which new bot versions are rolled out, so you should be able to access the latest release even faster than before.
  • Finally, we've made hundreds of small improvements across the bot to improve performance, stability and to add new features. You can see a full breakdown of all the bot releases on our version history page

Trading Group API

If you are using our trading groups support, we've now added a new API to give you programmatic access to information about your trading groups, clients and trading events. You can find this new feature in the Trading Groups menu, or have a quick look at the API documentation.

New subscription option for Trading Group Clients

If you run a large group, keeping on top of billing can be complicated. We now provide an option to subscribe your clients up to the end of the month, making it simple to get all your billing aligned.

Choose to align all your client billing to the end of the month
Choose to align all your client billing to the end of the month

If you start a subscription in the middle of the month using this new option, you will only be charge for the fraction of the month remaining. Instead of using a whole credit, it will use a fraction of a credit.

As we've added support for being able to use a fraction of a credit, we figured we should improve what happens when you cancel a clients subscription part way though their subscription. We'll now credit you with every full day of unused time left in the clients subscription.

Other improvements to Trading Groups

  • A new chart has been added to the dashboard that shows the PnL for a virtual account. The account starts with $100 at the start of the month, allowing you to see exactly what happens over the course of the month. This makes it really easy to see the PnL acheived at any point in the month too.
  • The pagination for client events and bot output has been updated to match the main web app, so it should be simpler to use and more logical now.

Improvements in the web app

We've actually made some huge improvements to the app over the last month, but most of them are behind-the-scenes internal stuff, so there isn't too much to show for all our hard work.

To start with, we removed a lot of legacy systems and dependencies that were preventing us from updating other parts of the system. With those gone, we were able to upgrade a lot of the components that Alertatron is built on to the latest release, enabling a lot of new abilities for the future.

The first benefit (again, internal), has been to replace our testing framework. Alertatron has a lot of automated tests that we can run to make sure we've not accidently broken something and to validate that everything does what it is supposed to do. This update makes building and maintaining those tests a lot simpler and has meant we've been able to add a lot more tests too. While there is nothing to show for this effort, it does ensure that Alertatron remains a strong and stable as we build on it in the future.

Finally, every article and blog post at Alertatron can now generate a little thumbnail picture that is used when sharing links to content on social media. For example, here's the tweet about this blog post...

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