Coinbase Pro and Bitfinex

01 May 2020

We have removed Coinbase Pro and Bitfinex from the list of supported exchanges for the time being, and here's why...

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase are in the process of launching their new margin trading product and we have been seeing reports from some customers that the API is rejecting market buy orders (market sell, and limit buy appears to be unaffected).

This is making the exchange unreliable for Alertatron users, so we have taken the decision to remove it from the list until we can find out from Coinbase why this is happening. So far our efforts to speak to someone that might be able to help have been fruitless, but we will keep trying.

If you already have your Coinbase API keys added to Alertatron, you will be able to continue to use them, but we recommend that you do this with the margin trading features disabled. All we have removed is the ability to add new Coinbase API keys.


Our Bitfinex integration dates back to the early days of Alertatron, before they added their futures markets. A lot has changed at Bitfinex since our first release, which only supports the Bitfinex spot market (there has not been support for the margin trading or futures markets).

Because our integration lacks a lot of the core features that our customers now expect from exchange integrations, we have decided to stop promoting this integration and removed the option to add Bitfinex API keys.

In the future we will refresh this integration and bring it fully up to the standard we expect, with support for a wider range of market, and potentially access to the Bitfinex funding markets.

Again, if you already have your Bitfinex API keys added to the service, these will continue to work as before. All we have removed is the ability to add new Bitfinex API keys.

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