Coming Soon: Support for Trading Groups

18 February 2020

If you run a trading group, we have some amazing new features coming in the next few weeks that will help you automate your service...

What is it?

We are aiming the new Trading Group features at people that want to run trading groups and want to automate trading with a group from 20 to 200+ users.

The key benefits of the planned release are:-

  • Easily manage up to a few hundred clients per exchange/market.
  • Define signals, send them to Alertatron and link trading scripts of your choice to each signal.
  • Automatically execute trades across the entire group simultaneously, with each client executing their trades in isolation from each other, in their own instance of our exclusive and powerful trading automation service.
  • Run trades using a percentage of balance to support clients with different budgets and funds in their accounts.
  • Apply a maximum trade size limits of each client, so you can balance group size to liquidity in the target market.
  • Track group PnL and individual PnL over time.
  • Access trading logs and event logs from every client in your group.
  • Run as many groups/strategies as you like.
  • Clients do not need an Alertatron account (and don’t even need to know you use Alertatron if that’s how you like it).
  • Simple pricing. Later releases will support ‘owner pays’ or ‘client pays’ models (initial release will be owner pays only).

We plan the initial release for this for the end of February or early March and will be ‘invite only’ to start with.


Get in touch with us in the support group in Telegram...

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