Deribit now even faster

25 June 2020

Deribit has always been one of our fastest integrations, but we've made some improvements and it's now even faster.

I've been working closely with Deribit on improving our API integration in recent weeks. The primary goals were :-

  • Even faster connection and order execution times
  • More robust and stable error recovery and handling

Now let's be clear. Deribit's API is fast! Waay faster than any other exchange we deal with. In fact, it isn't even close - they are just so much faster it's silly.

For example, it's now possible for the bot to start up, connect to Deribit's exchange, complete authentication, fetch all the data it needs to continue and place a scaled order of 20 orders in less time than it takes other exchanges to open the initial connection. It's possible, with our updates, for it to take less than a second from Alertatron receiving an alert to the entire order execution script to be fully complete, with all orders executed.

Deribit also supports a 'burst mode' that allows a few API calls to be placed faster than the normal rate limits. Alertatron makes full use of this, allowing most simple order executions to be completed within a burst. For longer, and more complex order executions, we fully support and respect all the rate limits from the exchange. Your rate limit will be depends 7 day trading volume - you can learn more about the different levels available on the Deribit support page on rate limits.

By moving Deribit into our new framework that we've been rolling out recently, we also get improved handling of any errors. Alertatron has always been good at handling errors, retrying requests where appropriate and attempt to re-establish connections that get closed, but the new frameworks makes this even more reliable. It's now perfectly reliable to have connections that remain stable for days or weeks that auto-heal any problems detected. Actual problems or maintenance are rare at Deribit, but it's good to know.

If you are trading on an exchange, and you are not happy with either the performance or reliability of the exchange (👀), then we'd recommend trying Deribit.

You can even save 10% off your fees using our link below:-

Already got an account? Check our guide for connecting it to Alertatron

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