New Automated Trading Features

07 September 2019

Good news! We've made the existing aggressive entry order even more powerful than before...

The aggressiveEntryOrder() tries to enter a position with a limit order that stays at the top of the order book. The limit order is initially placed at the top of the order book. If the price moves away from the order, the order will be canceled and repositioned at the new top of the book.

Now we've added 2 new ways of aborting this process to ensure you get a good entry or no entry.

First up is the timeLimit argument. This will abort trying to fill the order after the amount of time specified.

Secondly, the slippageLimit lets you define the max distance the price can move against you before it stops trying to fill your order. This value works in the same way as offset in orders such as limitOrder().

The full docs for the aggressiveEntryOrder() can be found in the automated trading documentation.

There have been a few other changes and improvements in the automated trading systems recently, including...

  • Fixed an issue relating to tick sizes for ETH based symbols on BitMEX.
  • Fixed an issue on BitMEX that could cause dropped connections to the exchange to come back online without permission to complete some commands.
  • % and %% amounts now work for Deribit.

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