New Managed Order

11 November 2019

A new order type to manage a position from entry to exit, plus a few other changes in the automated trading bot...

Managed Orders

First up, we have a new order type. The new managed() order will make entering and exiting a position far simpler in many cases.

So what does it do?

  • First it will place an order to open a new position (long or short), using either a market order or a limit order.
  • Next, it will wait for the entry order to fill
  • As soon as the entry fills, it will place a stop loss order and a take profit order for you.
  • Both the stop and take profit are optional.
  • Both the stop and take profit can also be trailing orders (also optional)
  • The order can run in the background, allow you to trigger several of them at once, or you can wait for each one to fully complete before executing additional commands.

There are full docs for this new order type in the command reference here.

Aggressive Entry name change

The aggressiveEntry() order has had a name change. It is now called either aggressiveLimit() or just plain old aggressive().

Why change it?

The name implied it was only suitable for entries, but it was just a limit order under the hood and can be used for entries or exits. The new name makes this clearer.

You don't need to update any of your alerts, as the old names will continue to work.

Plus some minor changes

There have also been a few minor updates to improve logging.

Ready for you now - just restart your bot to update.

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