Recent activity and better Telegram and Discord support

30 October 2019

I've just released a couple of new features for you all...

Recent Activity bar

You'll notice a new bar at the top of the page that contains a list of groups with recent alerts in them. Each group is a link that will take you straight there, making it quicker and easier to jump between groups.

Strip footers from alerts for Telegram and Discord

Before, when an alert arrived and you were set up to send that alert to Telegram or Discord, we always sent the entire alert along.

However, that alerts sometimes contain clutter that you didn't need to post to your channel or group. For example, you might have included some hashtags to filter the alert, or a bot command that you needed to execute with your signal.

Well now you can place a row of 4 hyphens at the start of a line and everything below that point will be treated as a 'footer'. There is a new switch in your Telegram and Discord settings that enables you to only forward the parts of the alert message above the line.


Say you receive this alert...

XBTUSD Moon signal triggered. Go Long

Add 100 contracts to our position
bitmex(XBTUSD) { market(side=buy amount=100); }

#telegram #bot

With the option enabled, the only part of the message sent to Telegram is...

XBTUSD Moon signal triggered. Go Long

The trading bot will still see the entire alert message, and will see the command to buy a few more contracts, but your Telegram group won't be cluttered with the bot commands or hashtags.

New users

I've also tried to make life easier for new users. When a new user signs up, groups for Telegram, Discord and the trading bot are automatically created and configured to filter alerts. A few example alerts are also sent to the new account to help get everyone up to speed.

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