Recent Updates for June 8th

08 June 2020

Time for some quick updates on recent improvements to Alertatron...

We have mostly been making improvements to the automated trading bot this month. There have been around 20 updates to the bot recently, which you can read about here.

Other than the changes to the bot, below are some of the improvements we've made to the web app recently...

Trading Group Updates

  • Trading Groups can now send manual custom commands to individual client bots, or to all client bots for simpler maintenance.
  • It's now possible to move clients from one trading group to another.
  • Trading Groups can now chart PnL for individual clients
  • Added 'notes' to Trading Groups, so owners can makes notes for each client.
  • Trading Groups now offer a few days of grace for renewing clients to avoid accidentally missing updates.

Main product updates

  • Numerous improvements to the docs and help guides
  • Outgoing webhooks now include a link to the captured chart image in the message, so using services like you can post the captures almost anywhere (eg Twitter)
  • Improved the speed that new versions of the bot are rolled our across our infrastructure
  • Added the dynamicTakeProfit() command
  • Updated many dependencies to the latest versions for security and performance improvements
  • Images send to Telegram now get a slightly more friendly name

Other recent blog posts...

Alertatron Blog

New Style of Trailing Orders Now Available

Alertatron's automated trading service has now added support for a new style of trailing orders. We have extended our existing trailing stop orders and trailing take profit orders to support alternative methods of trailing...

Alertatron Blog

Alertatron updates from June...

Time for some quick updates on recent improvements to Alertatron...

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