Recent Updates for May 9th

09 May 2020

Time for some quick updates on recent improvements to Alertatron...

I thought it might be useful to publish occasional updates about new features that have been added to Alertatron recently. There is already a detailed version history of new releases of the trading bot that I've been updating for the last few months, so I figured something similar for the app would be good too.

There won't be an update for every release, like the trading bot, as there are normally several releases a day, and it wouldn't be all that interesting. Instead, I'll try and do an update every week or so to give you all the highlights...

New emails and logo

All the emails that Alertatron sends have had a little refresh to make them less bland. We don't send out many emails (mostly out of principle), but emailing a receipt for crypto payments is one that we do send out. There is an example below. It also introduces a bit more branding than we've had before...

Example payment complete email
Example payment complete email

Daily Alert Usage

We finally made some improvements to the way alert usage is shown and tracked. The old system, using a limit over a 30 day period caused a high level of confusion, especially when people ran out and renewed their subscription. Everyone assumed the alert limit was a bundle of alerts that got used up, when it was actually a limit for a moving average.

Daily alert limit, and todays burst capacity
Daily alert limit, and todays burst capacity

Anyway, based on a lot of feedback, we've updated this to something a lot simpler. You now get a simple daily limit. Each day at midnight, you usage resets to zero. When you reach your daily limit, we stop processing new alerts. If you don't hit your limits very often, we also let you burst over your normal limit on some days, just in case you have a busy day. You can see your burst quota for today by looking at the tooltip on the usage count at the top of the page.

You can also see your historical alert usage as a handy chart to help you figure out what you'll need.

All plans have been given additional alerts as part of this change (from 20% to 50% more than before). You can see full details of the changes in this other blog post.

A graph showing your recent usage of alerts
A graph showing your recent usage of alerts

Other changes and additions...

Pay with Monero
Pay with Monero
  • We now accept Monero as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum (and the usual credit cards).
  • Added a new notification option, so you can get sent an email if you bump into your daily alert limits.
  • Cleaned up some of the legacy styling for the site and remove a lot of crap we don't need any more.
  • New menus at the top of the page. These give you access to a lot more help and support links than before, and also added support for nested menus...
  • Add support for folders in Trading Groups, so customers with a lot of groups to manage can keep them better organised.
  • Now have support for 2 different crypto payment services, so we can switch to a backup if there is a problem with one.
  • Noticed that lots of the images on the home page didn't have correct transparency set up (only worked in Chrome, as we generate webp images for that browser). Ooops.
  • Built our own user experience for crypto payments. Nice and simple, without any clutter.
  • Updated some of the API for more more efficient recording of tagged orders in the bot. This should reduce the load of the api servers a bit.
  • Added a bot to send out occasional hints and tips into the support channel.
  • Made a load of intro videos (well 2). You can see them in the articles about connecting to TradingView and sending alerts to Telegram.
  • A bunch of backoffice admin things and server infrastructure things.

That takes us back a couple of weeks, so may as well stop there.

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Time for some quick updates on recent improvements to Alertatron...

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