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Some Changes to our Plans

08 September 2020

As Alertatron has grown and we’ve added more and more features, our pricing has always stayed the same.

We’ve added many new trading commands, plus integrations with BitMEX, Binance, Bybit and FTX since our initial release.

We’ve also added support for large trading groups and countless other improvements to the trading bot and the app, stepped trailing orders, June updates, more updates, May, and lots more.

In order to continue to grow and support our customers, the time has come for us to make some changes to our old plans based on how Alertatron is being used today and what customers are asking us to build for the future. When we started, we were just an alerting service, with no trading automation. We've added trading automation, trading groups, lots of exchange integrations (with more to come), and now the majority of our customers are here to automate their trading, with the alerting as a bonus.

Coming soon we have plenty of big improvements, such as a new scripting language that will allow customers of Alertatron to design and build their own custom commands that can be used like any other trading automation commands, along with lots more exchange integrations.

That's enough about how the platform has changed, and what's just around the corner. You'll be wanting to know what changes we have planned...

As usual, we like to consult our existing customers and get some feedback on our plans to make sure we are not way off the mark. Whilst these changes will likely make the service more expensive for some customers (not a vote winner), I hope you will appreciate the value Alertatron is delivering today.

At the moment we have 5 plans. Free, Basic, Trader, Wolf and Alpha. Automated Trading is only available in Wolf and Alpha and since the vast majority of our customers mainly use Alertatron to help automate their trading, we will be dropping the Basic and Trader plans, and only offering plans that include support for trading. If you're only using the alerting feature and not doing any trading with Alertatron, the good news is that all the plans include a lot more alerts per day, out of the box.

Another area that we get a lot of feedback about is the lack of a trial mode for the trading, so we'll be adding testnet trading to the trial edition of Alertatron. We'll also keep the free edition, with limited features, but we hope this will be useful to some people that only need occasional notifications.

So, here are the new plans we propose to offer, starting later this year (don’t panic - we’ll give everyone plenty of notice when the details of the new plans are finalised).

Existing customers will be able to lock in the current pricing and plans for up to a year.

It is also worth noting that we are still looking for feedback from you, so expect a few tweaks here and there as we get a better understanding of what is important to everyone.

🌟 Pro Trader Plan

Our top plan with full access to everything...
Estimated price: around $40-$50 a month

  • Everything in the Starter Plan
  • Run and automate Trading Groups
  • 300 alerts a day
  • Up to 15 API keys from any of the supported exchanges
  • Access to automated trading features
    • 1 month max execution time of any command
    • Privately publish your custom commands
    • PnL Tracking
    • Large numbers of active algo orders running at once
  • 365 day retention of alerts
  • 30 day trading event history
  • Last 10,000 lines of output from the bot

There will be no change to the cost of trading group clients

If you already run a trading group on Alertatron, you will NOT need to upgrade to a Pro Trader Plan. Existing customers will be able to operate their trading group from any plan, as before

⭐️ Starter Plan

Our basic plan with access to the most commonly used features.
Estimated price: around $20-$25 a month

  • 150 alerts a day
  • Chart captures with any alert
  • Up to 10 API keys
    • Add keys from any 2 supported exchanges
    • Add keys from all testnet exchanges [updated 12th Sept]
  • Access to automated trading features
    • Max execution time of any command of 2 days.
    • Use any built in trading commands
    • Add custom scripts to your account
    • Publish your custom commands in the community
    • Multiple active algo orders running at once
  • 90 day retention of alerts
  • 7 day trading event history
  • Last 2000 lines of output from the bot

💫 Free / Trial Plan

Our free plan, for those just wanting to test things out.
Estimated price: free

  • For the first 14 days after your account is opened:-
    • 20 alerts a day
    • 1 API key
    • Basic trading access to testnet accounts only
    • Maximum execution time for any trading command of 4 hours
    • Access to built in commands and scripts only
  • At the end of the trial period, the free plan will include:-
    • 5 alerts a day
    • No trading access and no API keys
    • 7 day retention of alerts

⚡️ Extra Alerts

It will still be possible to add extra daily alerts to either of the paid plans, up to 1000 extra alerts a day.

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