Trading Group Grace Period

12 May 2020

We've made an update that gives all the clients in your trading groups 5 days' grace to renew their subscription.

Previously, when a client reached the end of their subscription, they would stop receiving new trading signals.

This update adds a 5 days grace period at the end of each client's subscription, giving you a chance to invoice them and collect payment before you renew their subscription.

An example client during their grace period
An example client during their grace period

During the 5 day grace period the client will continue to receive trading alerts as normal. Their status will change to 'Expired' and we will list them in the new 'Grace' tab, so you can find them all easily.

If their subscription is renewed during the 5 days, it will extend their existing subscription from its original ending date and the service will continue as normal. If no action is taken, and the 5 days pass, then they will be unsubscribed and stop receiving signals.

If you have Auto-Renewal enabled for a client, we will attempt to renew their subscription once on their last day. If there is no available credit, and we cannot auto-renew their subscription, they will receive the same 5 day grace as normal, giving you time to add more credit and manually renew their subscription.

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