Trading updates: Position and Amount

19 October 2019

Great news! You can now uses percentages in position arguments, and we've added support for working out a percentage of your current position size that can be used in both amount and position settings.

What's New?

Percentage of your current position size

When specifying the size of your orders, you can now use %p to mean percentage of my current position size. This is super powerful for closing part of your position for example - market(side=sell, amount=30%p) to market close 30% of your currently open position.

Percentages can be used for position

Up until now, using position in your orders to specify a target position size could only accept plain numbers. Not any more. All the supported percentage options are available, including % of balance, % of available balance, and the new % of open position.

How do you use it?

The documentation for each command covers all the new options, but here is a quick table to explain the options...

Unit Meaning on BitMEX or Deribit
50 50 contracts / dollars
50% 50% of your current balance, converted to contracts / dollars
50%% 50% of your available balance, in contracts / dollars
50%b Same as 50%
50%a Same as 50%%
50%p 50% of your current position size

Need this to make more sense?

I've added a detailed article with examples of lots of the combinations.

Learn more at Understanding Amount and Position...

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