Updated Aggressive Entry Order

04 October 2019

Aggressive entry orders are now more efficient, plus I've tweaked a few other things for a smoother ride.

When I introduced the Trailing Stop Loss order and the Trailing Take Profit order, they added a new capability to the exchange driver. This made it possible to update the price of an order in-place (without having to cancel it and recreate it). The capability is available in the Deribit and BitMEX implementation.

As the aggressive entry order is all about changing the price of an order, it made sense to go back and update that too. This new release means aggressive entry orders stay close to the top of the order and are updated to new prices instantly, while never leaving the order book, making them even more likely to be filled.

Multiple order blocks in the same alerts

In addition to these changes, I have made the handling of multiple order blocks in the same alert message work a little better. Previously it both blocks were trading on the same exchange / pair, then they could trip over each other when starting and occasionally think something was wrong and give up. The update makes the process far more reliable.

Bitfinex now supports trailingStopLoss and trailingTakeProfit

The Bitfinex integration has been updated to support the features needs by the trailingStopLoss and trailingTakeProfit orders. This has the side effect of also meaning Bitfinex gets the improved aggressiveEntryOrder support too.

and finally...

You can put comments in your order blocks now. A comment starts with a #. The rest of the line will be ignored. For example...

ExampleKeys(XBTUSD) {
    # Open a long position
    market(side=buy, amount=100);

    # and add a trailing stop loss $50 below...
    trailingStopLoss(side=sell, amount=100, offset=50);

Finally, there were some minor issues with percentage amount calculations on Deribit's new V2 API. These have been resolved too.

To get all the new hotness, head over to your automated bot integration, go into the logs tab and click on 'restart server'.

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