An Introduction to Automated Trading at Alertatron

01 August 2019

Alertatron has built in support for automating trading on BitMEX, Deribit, Coinbase Pro and Bitfinex. You simple add special commands to your alert messages, and orders are executed on the exchange, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alertatron use an order execution bot called Instabot Trader. This is an open source bot that you can find on GitHub here.

This provides a wide range of powerful orders to enhance your trading and profitability, from basic market, limit and stop orders, to complex algorithmic orders such as scaled orders, twap orders and iceberg order. You can see full details of all the order types supported in the Instabot Trader documentation linked above.

Quick Start Guide

Our Quick Start Guide will get you up and running in no time...

Hosting the bot yourself (not recommended)

You can either use our hosted version of Instabot Trader (included in all Wolf and Crypto plans) or host it yourself. Our hosted version means you don't need to worry about setting up servers, securing them and keeping them up and running 24/7 and all the technical mumbo jumbo that comes with that.

Our hosted version gives you your own dedicated instance of Instabot Trader, running as an isolated process. All your keys are stored encrypted and you can access the logs to see everything that's happened. You can also control when you get updates, as you control when it is restarted and updated. Finally, it also includes the BitMEX integration which is not currently available in the open source version.

However, if you really want to host our bot yourself, we've made that possible by making sure the entire bot is open source. Follow the setup guide in the github docs and use our Outgoing Webhook integration to send alerts on to your server.

How about a simple example...

Here is a simple example of an alert message that contains a command to buy 1 Bitcoin on the Bitfinex spot market, using a limit order. The limit order will use a price $10 below the current price at the time the command is executed.

Magic signal just triggered, time to go LONG

bitfinex(BTCUSD) { limitOrder(side=buy, amount=1, offset=10) }

The first line is just your regular message and is ignored by the bot. The bot will actually ignore everything in the message except the special commands, which you can see on the last line.

The command is saying "Using the API keys I've called 'bitfinex', make a trade on the BTCUSD pair. Place a limit order, to buy 1 BTC (one unit of the asset in the pair) and place the order at an offset of $10 below the current price."

It does not wait around for the order to fill - it just places the order on the exchange and leaves. If the price were to drop $10, your new order will be filled.

Next steps

Command Reference

Adding API Keys

Additional information

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