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Automated Trading Cancel Orders


which, tag

Attempts to cancel some or all of your open orders. This will only affect orders on the symbol of the command block the cancel() command is in.

which required string, one of buy, sell, all, session, tagged. defaults to session

Determine which order to try and cancel. One of the following :-

Which Which orders are cancelled?
which=buy Try and cancel all open Buy orders
which=sell Try and cancel all open Sell orders
which=session Try and cancel all orders opened so far during the current session (orders opened inside the current command block)
which=tagged Find all the orders opened with the given tag (see tag), and cancel them.
which=all Find all open orders on the exchange for the current symbol/ticker and cancel them.
tag optional string,

When which=tagged, this argument indicates the name of the tag to use. Any orders created with the named tag will be cancelled.

Example: Cancel all open orders before starting a new position

myApiKeys(XBTUSD) {
    # cancel everything and close existing positions

    # open a long and place a stop 1% below it
    stopOrder(position=0, offset=e1%, trigger=last);

Cancels all outstanding open orders (eg, from earlier trades), then closes the position if there was one. Finally, it opens a long using 50% of your balance and adds a stop loss order 1% below.

Example: Place an order in 10 minutes

myApiKeys(XBTUSD) {
    limit(side=buy, amount=99%, offset=10, tag=allIn)
    cancel(which=tagged, tag=allIn)

Places a limit order, waits 30 minutes, then tries to cancel only the limit order from the first step. If it's not been filled, or only partially filled, it will be cancelled.

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