Automated Trading Command Reference

Command Reference

A handy list of all the commands supported by the Alertatron automated trading bot.

All Commands

For full details on each supported command, click on the links below.

Aggressive Entry Order

Tries to enter or exit a position with a limit order that is constantly adjusted to be at the front of the order book.

How to use Aggressive Entry Order…


Send an alert with a balance report for the exchange and instrument the command is running in. The output various from exchange to exchange.

How to use Balance…

Cancel Orders

Attempts to cancel some or all of your open orders. This will only affect orders on the symbol of the command block the `cancel()` command is in.

How to use Cancel Orders…


Evaluates a condition and will only continue to later commands if that condition is true.

How to use Continue…

Dynamic Take Profit

Starts a dynamic order that will monitor the open position and adjust size and price of a limit order to close (or partially close) that position.

How to use Dynamic Take Profit…

Exchange Settings

Allows exchange specific settings to be set.

How to use Exchange Settings…

Iceberg Order

An algorithmic order that breaks up a large order into smaller orders. This is often also called the Accumulate / Distribute order.

How to use Iceberg Order…

Limit Order

Places a standard limit order. The command will finish as soon as the limit order has been placed on the exchange. It will not wait for the order to be filled.

How to use Limit Order…

Managed Order

Run a fully managed order, starting with an order to enter a position, then placing a stop loss and a take profit order to close the position again.

How to use Managed Order…

Market Maker Order

An order that creates a _basic_ market maker bot. This essentially looks like a pair of endless ping pong orders that are a little easier to set up.

How to use Market Maker Order…

Market Order

Places a market order that is executed immediately at the current price.

How to use Market Order…

Ping Pong Order

This algorithmic order starts off identical to a `scaled()` order. It places a series of limit orders. However, once the orders are placed, the bot waits for them to be filled. As soon as one of the limit orders is filled, a new limit order is placed, `pongDistance` away from the original on the other side of the book.

How to use Ping Pong Order…

Scaled Order

Places a series of limit orders over a price range. The number of orders, the price distribution and amount distribution can all be adjusted using the arguments described below.

How to use Scaled Order…


Evaluates a condition and will abort execution if that condition is true.

How to use Stop…

Stop or Take Profit Order

Places a Take Profit order **and** a Stop Loss order at the same time. It then waits for either order to be filled and cancels the other one.

How to use Stop or Take Profit Order…

Stop Order

Place a stop loss or conditional entry order. If you provide a value for limitOffset, it will place a stop limit order, or a stop market order without. Where supported, the order will be placed with 'reduce only' enabled to ensure it can only reduce your position size (not increase it).

How to use Stop Order…

Trailing Stop Order

Place a trailing stop market order.

How to use Trailing Stop Order…

Trailing Take Profit Order

Place a trailing take profit order. This initially waits for the price to reach the `triggerOffset`. When that price is touched, a [trailing stop order](/docs/automated-trading/trailing-stop-order) order is started, that trails the price by `offset`.

How to use Trailing Take Profit Order…

TWAP Time-Weighted Average Price Order

TWAP order, also known as Time-Weighted Average Price Order, places a series of market orders over an extended period of time.

How to use TWAP Time-Weighted Average Price Order…


Waits for a fixed amount of time. When the time has passed, the command will complete and the next command in the sequence will be started.

How to use Wait…

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