Getting alerts from web services

01 March 2019

Many services can announce interesting events by calling a magic URL called a Webhook. By entering your unique Alertatron webhook address to these services, you can pass those alerts on to any supported integration, like Telegram or Discord.

Popular services, like Zapier and IFTTT let you connect your favourite apps together. They also support calling webhooks like the one Alertatron offers.

For example, we've connected Stripe (our credit card processing partner) to Alertatron using Zapier. Every time a payment event happens in Stripe, we get a short message sent to our private Telegram account to let us know, so we can either celebrate or rush in to help someone that is having problems.

Before these services can send events and alerts into Alertatron, you will need to know the address of your unique webhook...

Techy details

The service you use will need to make a POST request to your unique webhook address. Pass the message in a value with one of the following names:-

  • body
  • text
  • subject
  • message
  • alert

Why so many different names - it's simply to help keep Alertatron compatible with as many services as possible.

Try it out on the command line...

If you use a Mac or Linux based operating system, open a command prompt and copy and paste the following command there to send yourself an alert right now.

curl -XPOST \
     -H "Content-type: application/json" \
     -d '{"message": "Hello World"}' \
     '{login to see your unique webhook URL here}'

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