How we calculate alert usage

02 December 2019

Your usage is measured using a continuous 30 day rolling total. Here's how that works...

To work out your usage right now, we simply count up all the alerts you’ve received in the last 30 days.

For example, on 30th January, we count all your alerts going back 30 days to the 1st January. The next day, on the 31st January, we’ll be counting up the alerts from 2nd January (30 days back). The alerts you received on the 1st of January will no longer be counted in your usage.

When you first start using Alertatron you’ll see your usage going up each day as each new alert comes in. Once you’ve been using the service for 30 days or more, your usage will typically stop growing and show a more steady value. Most people use roughly the same number of alerts each day, so your usage will settle around 30 times your daily average.

Why doesn’t it restart at the start of my billing period?

We don’t really have a concept of a billing cycle at Alertatron. Customers pre-pay from 1 to 12 months at a time. It’s also possible to change plan at any point in time to start a new plan, receiving credit for unused days. This make it really simple to switch plans up and down and incur no penalty for doing so. Our billing system also provides easy access to buying additional alerts, if you need to top up.

In addition, a rolling total provide a fair way of handling cases when customers are bumping into their limits. At the start of each day the oldest alerts from 30 days ago are no longer counted. This normally allows them to receive a few alerts each day. With a system that resets at the start of the month, it could be days or weeks before they can receive another alert.

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