Alertatron Blog

Automated Trading Updates 28 September 2019

I've been hard at work making improvements to the automated trade execution bot. In fact, this is one of the biggest releases to date...


Improvements to capturing charts 22 September 2019

Chart captures at peak times (for example, at 12 hour candle closes) were starting to take longer than I would like, so I've double the capacity of the servers that are processing all the chart renders and added more workers to handle the incoming requests.


New Automated Trading Features 07 September 2019

Good news! We've made the existing aggressive entry order even more powerful than before...


% Order Size in BitMEX 26 August 2019

You can now use percentages for order sizes on BitMEX for most symbols / instruments. You can specify an order amount as a percentage of your total balance (using %) or as a percentage of your available margin (using %%).


Better Filtering 14 August 2019

There are some new options to help you filter alerts into different groups. You can still provide some text to filter with, like before, but there are now 3 choices that control how the filter is applied.


TradingView Webhooks 13 August 2019

I have added support for TradingView's new webhook alert notification feature. This is a brand new feature in TradingView and is rolling out now.


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